Welcome to the Tribe!


Hi there! Welcome to Mind, Body, and Soul Tribe! On February 28th, 2019 my life started to fall apart at the seams. At the time, I was completely unaware of the monumental shift that was taking place both internally and externally. Looking back I can now tell you that I was on the wrong life path (or maybe the right one depending on how you look at it.) However you choose to look at it is up to you, but the universe was not going to allow me to continue on this path. Everything had to change. In the words of Luke Combs, “What I thought was gonna be the death of me was my saving grace.”  I was uprooted and transplanted on a completely different path without any warning. It was completely jarring (and completely necessary!)

In the following weeks I experienced a transformation beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The highs have been high and lows have been low. At times I even questioned my own sanity. With each day came the shedding of a new layer of my previous life. From under each layer emerged a fresh skin of new understanding and perspective. Every time I think there couldn’t possibly be another layer to expose, I am very unpleasantly surprised to know I am completely WRONG. I feel like an onion. I find myself wondering how many layers I have to shed before I’m stripped down to my core? I remember something Guy Fieri once said about onions. He said something like “When peeling the layers off an onion, you should always go one layer deeper than you think you should.” I feel that. It resonates within my soul. What wise words from the mayor of Flavortown!

Knowledge and information found it’s way to me in the most unexpected ways. It quickly became clear that I was in the midst of a spontaneous and rapid spiritual awakening. Having never been religious or even all that spiritual, my beliefs were that of a higher power…and not much more. Boy was that about to change! It’s been a WILD ride so far. Everyday has been a lesson in learning to expect the unexpected. I’ve learned lessons about myself. I’ve learned lessons about people. I’ve learned lessons about lessons. I feel very compelled to share these lessons with the world. They are all simple in nature and surprisingly difficult to implement on a daily basis without serious dedication.

I believe that we all have a fire inside of us… a fire of light, love and truth. Life tends to try to extinguish the fire over time. I’ve discovered that we all have the potential to burn away the outer layers and transform into the amazing people we are truly meant to be. I AM NOT SPECIAL. I am unique and amazing, but I am no different from anyone else. I know this on the deepest levels. Everyone is entitled to live an amazing, beautiful life. This journey is truly a journey back to self. A journey to discover who we all are and falling in love with that person. Once we can do that…all things are possible!

Out of the ashes of what was once my previous life arose this blog. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this whole experience thus far has been connecting with others of a similar mindset and energy. It’s amazing what happens when I recognize other members of my soul tribe. I feel a great sense of community and potential for what can happen! There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together. If you have found your way to this page, just realize there are no coincidences. I’m so excited and grateful to have you here! Welcome to the tribe! <3