Because Girls Can Do It All

Welcome to my first official blog post! This is a very exciting time for me and I am very grateful for you to be here! I was sitting here wondering what my first post would be about. I said a little prayer for some guidance and BOOM! Ask and you shall receive, right? So I was on Facebook and I came face to face with these beautiful and incredibly powerful images created by HMP Couture Imagery. They are absolutely stunning. They are intense yet still delicate… angelic and still full of strength! The photos were created by Alabama based photographer, Heather Mitchell. She has captured something truly special.

It’s obvious the photos speak for themselves. The duality is perfection. For those of you that don’t know me, I have 3 daughters. As the chief of my estrogen infused tribe of littles, I am utterly delighted! I’m ecstatic that these images were created, and more importantly I’m overjoyed to see that they are being noticed! If you take a little trip on over to the official HMP Couture Imagery Facebook Page, you will see that not only have these photos gone viral, but people are absolutely LOVING them. It’s amazing how sometimes we don’t always know what we are looking for until it finds us and it hits us in our core. I look at these photos and my inner child is SCREAMING! She’s exclaiming, YASSS!!!! FINALLY! Where have these photos been all my life?” 


It’s amazing (and completely depressing) how society has put females in this box of expectation and limitation for centuries. Women have been breaking through the glass ceiling time and again, yet we haven’t totally shed these ideas of what it is to be female. The underlying message is clear that girls and women can be whatever they want to be. Who says we have to choose? Why can’t we be a princess and a warrior? The beauty and the beast? The lamb and the lion. So often we hear about the importance of balance, yet it doesn’t always seem to be applied to every aspect of our lives, including the guidelines we create for our children and ourselves to live by.

It’s very disheartening to realize that we are programmed from the time we are young to have these pre-existing ideas of what we are supposed to be. When I was a little girl I actually had a plaque that hung on my wall with the rhyme of what little girls are made of. We are expected to be Sugar and Spice, and all things nice. And quite honestly, I never really gave it much thought until now. I think I actually hung that plaque on my daughters’ wall at one point. Awareness is half the battle. Now is certainly as good a time as any to really start realizing what we are unintentionally programming our children’s minds with. As a parent, I’m sure the last thing we want to do is be limiting our children in reaching their full potential in any aspect of their lives. I’m truly grateful for Heather Mitchell’s vision and look forward to her future artistic contributions to the world. She has a really wonderful and unique way of opening our eyes to the injustice that is being inflicted on our most miraculous resource for the future…our children.

To view all the photos in this collection please visit the HMP Couture Gallery on Facebook page Here. All photo credits go to HMP Photography. For contact information please visit her website Here.